Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

My Nirvana has now re-opened!


Following a long and unprecedented closure due to the Covid19 Pandemic I am immensely pleased to be able to make that statement.  It is a truly wonderful feeling to welcome back my very loyal existing clients and to say a huge welcome to my new ones.

After a whole year of on and off uncertainty in our lives each and every one of you has experienced this difficult time in different ways.  There has been huge sadness for some, grief, change, isolation, ill health and depression. All of which have been heightened even more.

If you are browsing through my website and pondering over treatments for yourself it is important to understand that what you choose is entirely for yourself. Giving oneself personal time and space to enjoy a therapy that suits your needs. All of which can improve self-esteem and provide vital relaxation.

Reflexology is especially beneficial for mental health. It can reduce pain and psychological distress like depression and anxiety, it is also beneficial for improving sleep issues and many other illnesses.

If you are interested in any treatments please do not hesitate to get in touch, whether by email or a phone call I will always have time to chat through your needs and assess what will benefit you personally.  All information remains strictly confidential.

Caring for yourself is a necessary part of caring for others, put yourself at the top of the list every single day. It is YOU that matters.

“Life’s journey is unpredictable but there is always hope”.