Massage Services

Massage Services

Swedish Massage Therapy involves soft long kneading stokes, as well as light rhythmatic strokes on topmost layers of muscle.  It relieves muscle tension and be both relaxing and energising and can help after an injury.


Can loosen tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer, standing all day, or exercising. Can be helpful if one holds a lot of tension in their lower back, shoulder and neck.


During massage techniques used are able to improve relaxation, release stress, stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow and lymph drainage. Enduces good sleep pattern too.


Clinical Massage treats specific conditions such as area of pain or injury with the focus on acheiving an outcome of therapeutic benefit. It relieves chronic muscle tension, lower back pain and general tension within the body.


Massage has a long tradition of working not just with the body but mind and emotions. The two are inseperable and chronic physical problems often go hand in hand with emotional pain and stress.


I emphasise very much on the whole person, lifestyle, diet, activities and emotions.My aim is to work with each client to meet each individuals need to give the optimum results achievable. Improve quality of life, increase range of motion and improve positivity.